Go Glamping, Backyard Style.

Experience an amazing GlampOut experience in your own backyard.

Experience an amazing GlampOut experience in your own backyard.

We are honored to be featured in this month’s Arroyo magazine with an article detailing the fun that can be had by taking a staycation and glamping at home. Whether it’s a fun family get together or a glamorous girls night glamping, we love bringing the wonder home, quite literally, by transforming your backyard into your favorite vacation destination.

It’s always a joy to see the fun and wonder we create get recognized and to see our gorgeous glamping setups in print has my heart doing a little happy dance. When I started WonderTent Parties I always hoped people would love the experiences we bring, and to see others loving what we do makes me feel proud.

There’s so much more still to share with you and I can’t wait, but for now enjoy this great article from Arroyo magazine and as journalist, Brenda Rees shares,

Glamping, or luxurious camping — combining a nature experience with lavish furnishings — is hitting closer to home. Backyard barbecues are becoming more extravagant, baby showers more memorable. Birthday sleepovers are celebrated with enchanted flair, and simple family gatherings are benefiting from greater creativity.

I’m so proud to see WonderTent Parties featured along side other great companies like Joymode and Shelter.Co of North Carolina. You can read the whole article here and of course, click here to see all our gorgeous GlampOut experiences have to offer.

2nd Night Free for Memorial Weekend

Memorial Day.jpg

Home for Memorial Day weekend or have family staying over? Make it one to remember with our signature SleepOver. Book a SleepOver for this weekend and get a 2nd night FREE. That's a second night of Wonder to share with family and friends at no extra charge. So if you want to surprise the kids with an experience they’ll never forget, or if you have friends or family staying over and don’t know where everyone will sleep, fear not we have you covered.⠀

As with all of our experiences its hassle free. We deliver, set up and style and return the next day to pack down and collect. All you have to do is focus on making those wonderful memories that will stay with you long after the weekend is over.⠀
To book your unforgettable SleepOver experience click here and we’ll take of the rest.

*Offer available exclusively on our SleepOver experiences*

7 Secrets to a Successful Sleepover

Summer Skies 3:4.jpg

Hosting a sleepover can be a lot of fun. But for first-time kids and parents, it can also be a daunting experience if you're not prepared. So to help bring more "yay" and less "no way" to your child's next sleepover, here's our 7 Secrets to a Successful Sleepover.

1. Are your kids ready for it? Are you?

We're often asked what age is the best age for a child to have their first sleepover. Our answer; it depends on your child. Most kids at age 7 or 8 are ready to have a sleepover with their friends, but it's not something that should be forced or rushed into. If your child is thinking of games to play, things to do and who to invite that's a pretty good sign. And if they've had a night away at a friends or cousins it probably means they are ready for the big leagues of a group sleepover.

For kids under 7, we recommend our SlumberUnder which is specifically designed for kids who aren't yet ready to stay the night but don't want to miss out on any of the fun. Think of the SlumberUnder as an "almost sleepover" where the kids arrive in their pajamas in the afternoon, had some fun, watch a movie from the comfort of the WonderTents and then leave around 8 or 9pm.

Another idea is to have an opt-out where any of the kids can call their parents to be picked up at bedtime. It doesn't happen often, but it's a nice comfort to have.

Of course, the other question to ask is, "Are YOU ready for it?" You, Mom. You, Dad. Are you ready to have a group of kids in your home for an overnight stay? If the idea is going to keep you up at night then maybe look at other group activities until you're comfortable with the thought. Of course, we can offer helpful hints and activities to make the night less of a chore and more of a roaring success.

2. Have your child lend a hand in the planning.

Remember it is their special night so make sure they lead the way in planning the event. Let them feel empowered by deciding who to invite and what activities to do. It's great to help them by offering suggestions of what might be fun but follow their lead. No matter how cool and hip you are, they know their friends best and will know what activities they will enjoy and what ones they won't. Guide them and keep suggestions in your comfort zone but always keep the focus on fun.

3. Keep the numbers comfortable.

This is especially true for hosting your first sleepover. We suggest your child and four of their friends is a good number for a first outing. This makes you feel confident you'll have things under control (after all, no-one likes herding cats) and it won't have your child feeling too overwhelmed with having to "entertain" a large group. We've also helped parents host Sleep Overs for groups as large as 20! Large groups might feel daunting but the truth is they often end up entertaining themselves which frees you up.

Another good tip is to think about the personality of the kids you're inviting. Make sure there's a good balance of outgoing and friendly kids to help keep things moving and inclusive. Also if the group is pretty tightknit already, now may not be the best time to introduce a new friend to the mix.

4. Keep the parents in the loop.

While the other parents might relish the thought of a "night off" it can quickly turn into a night of panic for them. The key here is to keep them informed. When inviting be sure to have a clear drop off time AND a clear pick up time (let me say that again, a clear PICK UP time.) This means the kids won't have a chance to feel alone or out of sorts either arriving too early or waiting for their pick up. It also means that you can focus on what you and your family need to do the next day. We strongly recommend a pick up time of 10am as the kids will be up early (regardless of how late they got to sleep.)

Also, let parents know of any planned activities you're looking to do or what movies you are looking to watch. And check for any food allergies or any other bedtime habits (the need for a nightlight, a call before bedtime etc.)

One recommendation we make is to have parents leave their details on a Contact Sheet that's kept on the fridge. That way if you, or their child,  need to call them their number is super handy. Sometimes just visually seeing that Mom/Dad is just a call away can settle any nerves.

5. Feed them well but hide the sugar.

Part of the fun of a sleepover is sharing a meal or some treats together. But keep it all within reason. Have a fun food activity like making your own pizza or creating your own sundae planned for early in the night or before the movie. And give the kids a chance to burn off any excess energy. Try holding off on any sugary treats the closer you get to bedtime. And again be aware of any food allergies or foods that might cause an already nervous tummy to get even more upset. The last thing you want is a "Clean up in aisle five!"

6. Be flexible.

While it's great to have a plan of activities to keep the kids entertained, remember to keep the plan flexible. Some activities will keep their attention longer than others, and some might just not come off as planned. That's ok. Just go with the flow. The most important thing is to make sure the kids are having fun. 

7. Sleep will come. Just not when you plan it.

Part of the joy of a sleepover is the bonding and chit-chat that happens at bedtime. While we recommend you have a defined "lights out" time, plan it to be for an hour before you really expect them to go to sleep. And then plan for it to go on after that. It's ok to check in on them and give them a gentle but final "Goodnight" when its time to sleep. 

Other things to keep in mind is to have a "codeword" with your child so they can let you know if things are getting out of hand or someone needs help. Something simple like, "What time is it?" is great way for your child to let you know to check in on them or help out without making it a big deal.

Also, keep a hall light on or create a path to the bathroom with night lights so you don't have to worry about things that will go bump in the night. We have designed each of our SleepOver setups to include individual fairy lights and individual lanterns so if a child needs a little light to feel safe they can feel in control of it.

Sleep 2.jpg

Following these simple steps will guarantee you a truly memorable sleepover for your child, their friends and you. And of course, if you really want to make it an unforgettable experience treat them to any one of our amazing SleepOver setups (that's our Sleepover Secret number 8.) 

Sharing Sleepover Secrets with KTLA

This past Friday I joined Jessica and the team at KTLA5 Morning News to talk all things WonderTent Parties. Having never done LIVE TV before, let alone having to wake up at 4:30am to do so (How do they do it?!?!) I was a little - ok a lot - nervous but Jess and the team made me feel totally at ease.

It was a joy to showcase some of our latest offerings and bring our unicorn inspired SleepOver theme Unitopia to the studio. And how cute are our little models!

It’s also a pleasure to talk about our Good Intent initiative that donates a portion of the proceeds from every WonderTent Parties experience to Kidsave, a charity that helps connect older foster youth with adult mentors and forever families. As many of you know, it was through Kidsave that we met Celia, now our daughter, who joined our family at 13 and inspired the creation of WonderTent Parties.

Thanks to team at KTLA5 for supporting local Los Angeles businesses and inviting me on to share my story.

WonderTent Parties Founder & Event Stylist Trish Healy joined us live with details on her company and how they’re taking sleepovers and glamping to a whole new level. WonderTent Parties provides 5-star at home Sleepover and Glamping Experiences for both kids and adults. They deliver everything you need, set up & style, and collect the next day. Each child enjoys their own private “WonderTent” with all the trimmings. Special experience themes are designed for both girls and boys of all ages. And for adults they offer glamorous glamping options from dining experiences, to chill zones, to wine tasting and more.

- KTLA5 Morning News

WondetTent Parties, as featured in People

MS People.jpg

Imagine my surprise when I received an excited text from a dear friend that People Magazine had covered a recent SleepOver we did for the amazing Marla Sokoloff and her gorgeous daughter, Elliotte, to celebrate her 7th birthday.

A squeal may have emitted from my lips when I read the article and saw the gorgeous photos of Marla and her daughters, Elliotte and Olive, enjoying our Unicorn inspired theme, Unitopia, and our SleepOver set up. Hearing that our clients are loving our experiences, whether our signature SleepOver or glamorous GlampOut, makes everything we do worthwhile.

As anyone who has started their own business knows the road isn’t easy and it requires you to give your all 24/7. So when you get recognized like this, it gives you a boost that what you are doing matters and you are on the right track.

And yes, a little happy dance may have been done.

To read the full article from People click here

All ready to Dream the night away

All ready to Dream the night away

7 year old Elliotte, loved her Unicorn Themed SleepOver

7 year old Elliotte, loved her Unicorn Themed SleepOver

Sharing My Story

Studio City South_Janaury 2019_FINAL_Page_1.png

This month I shared the story of creating WonderTent Parties with Studio City South Magazine. As anyone who knows me will attest, I’m not a huge fan of having my photo taken, so to be featured as their cover story was both an honour and daunting experience, but photographer Hylah Hedgepeth was amazing and had me feeling comfortable being in front of the camera - well, as comfortable as I’m likely to ever be.

For me, it was a chance to share my story. To talk about the joys and struggles of starting your own business. To chat about the fears of leaving a secure corporate job and taking the leap to follow a dream of running a business that gives back. I also share my story of adopting my teenage daughter and the wonderful work of Kidsave, and how adopting her was the genesis for creating WonderTent Parties. It’s my aim that with every WonderTent Parties experience that we always leave our clients feeling wow’d. I strive to make every sleepover, every slumber party, every glamping experience an unforgettable one. One that creates memories for everyone involved. Memories and moments that stick with them for life. A moment of joy and wonder they cherish, and can fondly look back on.

And as I share in the article it’s also an opportunity to give back, with a portion of the proceeds from every experience being donated to Kidsave through our Good Intent program. It’s my hope that in bringing joy and wonder to families we can all help older youth in foster care find their own joy and wonder through forever families and life long connections with adult mentors. And this is just part of the great work Kidsave do.

If you’d like to read the article click here. And thank you for continuing to support WonderTent Parties and for helping us create a little wonder.

10 Tips for a New Year’s to Remember.

Make New Years Eve a Night To Remember

Make New Years Eve a Night To Remember

So you’re hosting a New Year's Eve party. No biggie. Just the pressure to make it THE GREATEST NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY IN THE HISTORY OF PARTIES!!!!! And while your mind may be filled with fountains of endlessly flowing champagne, the world's greatest fireworks display and pure extravagance, chances are you're just like the rest of us mere mortals with a budget to stick to and reality to keep in check.

So here to help are a few of our favorite party tips that will make sure your New Year's party goes off with a bang.

Keep It Down

No, not the volume, but the number of invites you give. Sometimes the best parties are made with a smaller group of friends rather than every one of your Facebook friends. We've hosted parties with over 100 guests and done several with just 10 or less and no matter what, quality always wins over quantity. If you go big make sure you think of inviting friend-clusters, that way pockets of friends remain self-sufficient and you limit the number of people feeling left out.

Of course, a small and intimate group of friends can make for a more inclusive collective and it means you spend more of your night with the people you care about and less fussing about being hostess.

Pump It Up

Music will be key. Depending on what type of soiree you are hosting will depend on the kind of music you want. The more intimate the party the more recessive the music should be. Think of it as being mood music that supports conversation. Of course, if you want people up and dancing with a positive vibe going all night then having a great playlist will get everyone moving.

Light The Way

Lighting sets the mood for your event. The aim should be to create a warm, welcoming environment that lets your friends relax and feel at ease. Too bright and it will feel cold and sterile. Hit the dimmers or turn off those overly bright ceiling lights and try to use more ambient lighting. We're also huge fans of indoor fairy lights which are great to create that party atmosphere and give a little magic to the night. 

Let Them Eat Cake And Other Yummy Morsels

What's a party without food, right? The secret is in easy to nibble on party food. The last thing you want to do is spend the whole night in the kitchen so grab some easy to cook and easy to serve nibblies from the store, pop them in the oven or straight into serving dishes. People tend to go through the following phases at a party when it comes to food & drink - drink, nibble, drink, food, drink, nibble, drink, drink. So make sure there is a steady supply of snacks to eat through the night and then a serve of a more substantial mini-meal within the first few hours.

Drink and Be Merry (But Responsible)

Make sure you have enough drinks AND enough ice. Balance the amount of alcohol you serve with non-alcoholic and soft drink options. New Year's is an excuse to let your hair down after a big year so be sure that while people are drinking up there's also food available. We also HIGHLY RECOMMEND encouraging your friends to UBER or LIFT their way to and FROM your little shin-dig. Also be prepared for that one or two guests who might need to spend the night - might we recommend a WonderTent setup! If you think someone has had a little too much, make sure they either spend the night or get home without getting behind the wheel. 

Clean It Up

Good times often equals a big clean up at the end of the night. So get a head start by using paper plates and plastic glasses and cups for big groups and have designated bins around the party. Another handy hint is to do a quick clean once or twice as you go as it cuts down the workload at the end of the night but more importantly will enrol one or two guests to help out as well. 

Prop It Up

The whole aim of New Year's is to have fun so spend a little on some props for the night. Hit the local discount store for supplies like party hats, streamers and poppers, and photo props. Don't spend too much, after all its just for one night, but a few little fun options will get people in the mood sooner.

It's Time

Figure out in advance how you're going to countdown to midnight and be sure to have a clock in clear view so everyone won't be asking you, "What time is it?". A great option is to have the TV on and watch the Times Square ball drop. If you don't want to be the official timekeeper, designate someone in advance to lead the countdown.  

And if you have little ones check out Netflix who, for the fifth year running, has just published a slew of videos that offer a "fake" countdown clock to midnight. The genius idea here is that the videos can be played at any time. So your kids can join in on the New Year's Eve festivities and still get to bed on time. This year’s videos include characters from Alexa and Katie, Prince of Peoria, Pinky Malinky, Motown Magic, Skylander Academy, Super Monsters, Boss Baby, and Fuller House.

Just search for "New Year’s Eve Countdown” or “Countdown” to locate these videos or get quick access via the "Kids" row on the Netflix menu.

Keep The Kids Entertained

Speaking of kids, if you're looking for a way to keep them entertained why not treat them to a wonderful SleepOver or GlampOut experience. We can help set up a SleepOver in your living room to get them set for the night and keep them entertained with a movie or two. Or celebrate in the ultimate of style with our GlampOut option and have the kids camp out under the WonderDome while the "boring old adults" get to party with their friends.

And yes you can book a SleepOver or GlampOut for you and your friends too for that truly memorable New Year's experience. They're also a great solution if you're expecting you might need to have space for a few friends to spend the night. 

Remember To Enjoy The Night Too

As the host it's best to lead by example. Have fun and your guests will too. Don't take on too much to do during the party. Where you can pre-plan activities and make food a breeze to prep and serve. Give yourself ample time to just enjoy the night being surrounded by friends and family.

So, however you celebrate we hope you enjoy a memorable night.

From all of us here at WonderTent Parties we wish you a very Happy New Year and hope 2019 brings you everything you could wish for, and then some.

Celebrate New Years with this Kid Friendly Countdown from Netflix.

Quick everyone, it’s almost 7:00pm!

If you’re planning on celebrating New Year’s Eve with little ones, Netflix has the answer to wanting to give the kids a new years party without the grumpy post midnight tantrums. For the firth year running, Netflix has just published a slew of videos that offer a "fake" countdown clock to midnight.

The genius idea here is that the videos can be played at any time. So your kids can join in on the New Year's Eve festivities and still get to bed on time. This year’s videos include characters from Alexa and Katie, Prince of Peoria, Pinky Malinky, Motown Magic, Skylander Academy, Super Monsters, Boss Baby, and our fave, Fuller House.

Just search for "New Year’s Eve Countdown” or “Countdown” on Netflix to locate these videos or get quick access via the "Kids" row on the Netflix menu.

Here’ s the complete list of 2019 countdowns all set to get your party started:

  • Alexa and Katie

  • All Hail King Julien

  • Beat Bugs

  • Boss Baby

  • Fuller House

  • Larva Island

  • Motown Magic

  • Pinky Malinky

  • Prince of Peoria

  • Skylanders Academy

  • Spirit Riding Free

  • Super Monsters

  • Tales of Arcadia

  • True and the Rainbow Kingdom

And you don’t have to wait. Each of the countdowns are available to stream from today, giving you a chance to prescreen them and decide which one to watch on New Year’s Eve.

The 12 Greatest Christmas Movies... ever!

Enjoy the best Christmas movies ever with our Outdoor Movie Experience

Enjoy the best Christmas movies ever with our Outdoor Movie Experience

We’ve got a tradition in our family that every Friday night in December is Christmas Movie Night. We each take a turn picking one of our Christmas faves to watch while sipping on hot chocolate and snacking on Christmas Cookies.

Of course with so many great Christmas movies to choose from how do you settle on just one? Well to make it a little easier, here’s our list of the 12 Greatest Christmas Movies ever… or at least until next Christmas when we are sure to discover a few more faves.

Miracle on 34th Street.jpg

Miracle on 34th Street

An absolute must view, this classic will warm your heart and fill you with Christmas cheer. I recommend the original, but my daughter loves the remake. Either way you can’t lose.


Home Alone

Who would have thought the idea of two bumbling burglars terrorizing a child would be full of Christmas cheer? This laugh out loud (and totally quotable) movie is one of my daughter’s favorites. And for good reason. So grab a slice of pizza or serve yourself a supersized Sundae and laugh til your sides are sore. Kids, big and small, will love it.



For cotton headed ninny muggins everywhere. Elf is such a delightful Christmas movie. We may have been late to the Elf party, only discovering this gem a few years back thanks to my Goddaughter, but since then it’s become a Christmas staple.


How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Whilst the classic cartoon is bound to be shown on TV at least once this holiday season, it’s this live action flick that does it for us. Your heart will grow three sizes too!

Santa Clause.jpg

The Santa Clause

This one crept up on us and has now become one of our must watches. Tim Allen is spot on as the non-believer who has to step into Santa’s shoes and save Christmas. The Santa Clause will make you smile and laugh and remind you that maybe there’s a little Santa in us all. After all if the Santa Suit fits…. wear it (and there’s your excuse for those extra Christmas pounds.)


The Polar Express

This has a soft spot for us because last year we helped Ella enjoy her first ever Slumber Under with a Polar Express themed party. Her reaction was priceless. And its that sense of wonder that this movies is all about. Get lost in the magic of it all and just… believe.

Love Actually.jpg

Love Actually

Ok so this is my pick. And while all story lines may not be totally family friendly, for the teens and adults this one will bring laughs and maybe a tear or two.


The Holiday

Ok, anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a sucker for a soppy rom-com. And in some Christmas spirit and how can you pass up The Holiday? It’s the feel good movie you need in your life. So curl up on the couch, enjoy a Christmas goodie or two, and enjoy.


A Charlie Brown Christmas

Is it really Christmas if you don’t at least catch a fleeting glimpse of A Charlie Brown Christmas? It might feel ubiquitous but it’s a classic for a reason. And hey, Snoopy rocks so yeah… watch it.


The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Christmas film or Halloween film? Either way, this twisted tale from the mind of Tim Burton will appeal to your “too cool for Christmas movies” teens. Before long you’ll all be cheering for Jack Skellington to take over Christmas. While the stop-motion effects might feel a little dated (and that’s still part of the charm) the film’s off-beat nature is a refreshing addition to the Christmas roster, packing charm with just the right amount of creepy to make this a must watch.


Mean Girls

So it may not totally be a Christmas movie, but my daughter won’t pass up a chance to watch Mean Girls, and the Winter Talent Show rendition of Jingle Bell Rock will have you wanting to join in and recreate the routine with the family… or so I have heard.


Christmas Vacation

If you’re in need of some silly humor and holiday fun, this is the movie. And it’s a fun reminder that try as hard as we do, the best Christmas plans will go awry. So go with it. Besides who hasn’t watched this movie and not been inspired to totally Griswold the house with a million blinking lights?

Introducing SleepOver Buddies - the BFF slumber party.

Introducing SleepOver Buddies - the BFF Slumber Party for 2, 3 or 4 kids.

Introducing SleepOver Buddies - the BFF Slumber Party for 2, 3 or 4 kids.

You asked. We listened. And today we’re excited to announce the launch of SleepOver Buddies - the BFF Slumber Party. For exclusive Monday - Thursday engagements, our SleepOver Buddies is a Slumber Party for 2, 3 or 4 kids. It’s the next level experience that lets you tailor a SleepOver for your child and their BFFs.

Perfect for a midweek holiday hang, SleepOver Buddies let’s your child and their friend enjoy a night they’ll always remember. With a configuration of two, three or four tents, SleepOver Buddies can be easily set up in a bedroom, family room, or games room with minimum fuss. And best of all, we do it all for you.

It’s the ideal solution for the holidays and when school’s out keeping the kids entertained with their own private space to be… well, kids.

Our SleepOver Buddies package offers all the fun and excitement of our larger SleepOver experience, with Hand Crafted Tents, Deluxe Mattresses, all bedding and blankets, and all the little touches that makes a WonderTent Parties SleepOver so Wonder-ful. And of course, SleepOver Buddies is available in all our most popular themes.

As with all our experiences, we deliver, set up and style, and then collect the next day. No hassle, no fuss memories in the making. 

We like to think of it as a mini-version of our signature SleepOver that’s still big on fun.

Give the gift of Wonder

Looking to share the wonder these holidays? Now you can with our exclusive range of WonderTent Parties eGift Cards. Send a gift instantly via email in any amount you choose and bring a sense of Wow to your gift giving.

eGift card amounts can be used towards any WonderTent Parties experience from our 5-Star SleepOvers to our glamorous GlampOut events or any of our wow-worthy add ons like our Movie Experience or Dining Experience.

Send instantly or set it to be delivered on a future date like a birthday or anniversary. And if you listen closely you’ll hear the screams of “OMG! OMG! OMG!” when they open it. It’s the perfect way to give a memory making experience to be cherished forever.

So go on and stuff that digital stocking with a WonderTent Parties eGift Card

PLAYLIST: A Hearty Thanksgiving Mix

WTP Spotify Thanksgiving.jpg

To create an unforgettable Thanksgiving there are a few things that are must have. Great food. Great company. And Great music. While we can't help with the Turkey, we've got the music covered.

As you'll see from our "Feast On This" playlist we've got over two and a half hours of songs inspired by family, being thankful and of course food. They'll be songs to bring a smile to your face and songs to raise a toast to. Songs to sing along with and songs to make you happy to be home.

So whether you're celebrating with family or friends, this set of hearty tunes will satisfy all your Thanksgiving cravings. 

Enjoy and Thank You.

PLAYLIST: A Thrilling Halloween

WTP Spotify  Halloween.jpg

With Halloween just around the corner and everyone picking out their costumes, we thought it was time to unleash our Thrilling Halloween Playlist. Jam-packed with spooky tunes and killer grooves this collection of songs will bring any party to life. And best of all it's suitable for ghouls of all ages.

From Halloween classics like "Monster Mash" and "Purple People Eater" through to the quintessential Halloween track, "Thriller" there's something to keep even the most stubborn of ghosts and goblins grooving. And just so your kids don't think these are all songs taken from the crypt, there's modern favorites like "Heathens" by Twenty One Pilots and Fifth Harmony's "I'm In Love With A Monster." So to get your party going, just load it up and remember to play it loud enough it wakes up the dead.

And of course, for the perfect Halloween party why not throw a spooky Sleep Over with our WonderTents and some deliciously spooky treats.

Next level Sleepover and Glamping Experiences

We loved sharing our story with ABC7's Eye on LA tonight and are proud to be included on their list of "Must-Do Experiences in LA." At WonderTent Parties we always strive to bring magical, memory-making sleepover and glamping experiences to you. All of our experiences, from the ultimate slumber party with our SleepOver and SlumberUnder parties to our next level glamping with our GlampOut or GlampIn experiences, give you, your kids and your family memories they will cherish forever.

Here's what they had to say,

Love slumber parties but dread cleaning up afterward? WonderTent Parties to the rescue! They create five-star sleepover experiences for children AND for adults. Whether you choose glamping in or out, WonderTent Parties includes everything you need for a truly memorable event. They deliver everything to your home, set it up and style to your liking, and then come back to collect it the next day - it’s that easy!
— Eye on LA

See how we bring the wonder below.

Special Promotion of Free Delivery within our Standard Los Angeles Delivery Zone expires 9/9/18