How to avoid the dreaded "What Now?" at a Tween Sleepover

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Whether celebrating a birthday or just having a “Girls’ Night”, nothing brings a bunch of friends together like a sleepover. But once all the excitement of arriving and picking which WonderTent to sleep under has settled you might hear the dreaded “What now?” being voiced. So to save you (and your child) some angst of what to do during a sleepover here’s a list of activities we've found that keeps the fun moving.

Activities for a Successful Sleep Over

Food Glorious Food.

Having the girls create their own meal is a fun way to get them interacting and, also, making sure they eat. Get them making their own pizza, create a delicious taco, or concoct a scrumptious sundae. Simply provide all the ingredients to let them make a meal that really tickles their tastebuds. Other crowd pleasers include decorating their own gingerbread people, baking their own batch of cookies, or making their own cupcakes. To make it extra fun, have the girls come up with a name for their fantastic creation and award prizes for the most inventive, most creative, and yummiest.

Release their inner artists.

Arts and crafts never fail but take it up a notch by having the girls create their own friendship bands or decorate their own pillowcase. We’ve found styling their own pillowcases is a big hit as not only is it a nice tie in with the sleepover experience it also makes for a nice keepsake. Having the girls autograph each other's pillowcases also makes it something they’ll treasure forever.

Make it a Spa-jama Party.

Who doesn’t love to be pampered? Let the girls style each other’s hair with colorful ties and bows, paint each other’s nails or enjoy mini-facials. Be sure to take before and after photos for when the makeover is complete.

Get a clue.

On a recent Sleep Over, one of our Mom’s created a fun scavenger hunt for all the girls to do. It was a great way for the girls to safely explore the neighborhood as well as burn off that tween energy. Of course, it’s just as fun darting throughout the house to find the next clue or prize. The main thing to remember is to make the clues just hard enough that it makes them think and feel good about solving the puzzle.

Bored? Games!

It’s always a great idea to have a few board games on hand to focus the energy (and give you a little reprieve). Everything from quick games like Uno or Jenga to marathon efforts like Game of Life or Monopoly can have the girls chatting and laughing in no time. Our personal faves are Guesstures and Sequence, or for the app enabled tween, Heads Up is always a crowd pleaser.

Disco Divas and Dancing Queens

Turn up the tunes and make some room for the girls to bust a move. Have each girl teach the others a signature move or the latest dance. And if a gaming console is close by loading up Just Dance will guarantee hours of enjoyment (not to mention great video opportunity.) For added Diva-ness bring out a karaoke machine and let them channel their inner Ri-Ri, Sia or Taylor.

A magical movie night.

Of course, who can go past the classic Sleepover & Movie Combo? Have a theme selected with two or three hit movies that fit and let the girls decide which one to watch. Add to the fun with one of our Popcorn Carts, and give each girl their own popcorn cartons and snack trays filled with goodies to munch on during the movie. Don't forget to have an intermission halfway through for toilet breaks or to grab a refill of popcorn.

Whatever activities you decide, the goal is to have fun. Have the girls shrug off any self-consciousness by making sure everyone is involved and cheered on. It's ok to have a schedule of activities (in fact, I think it's a great idea but then I'm a planner) but build in flexibility to let some activities run long or others wrap up sooner if you feel their enthusiasm waning. And remember to have fun yourself and you'll soon be making magical memories in no time.