How to avoid "Boy Boredom" at your son's next sleepover.

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Last month, we focused on how to avoid the dreaded "what next?" at a girl's sleepover. Today, we've got some fun tips for the boys.

When it comes to getting the gang together nothing spells fun in the making like a sleepover for your son and his friends. Whether it's a birthday celebration, a summer kick-off sleepover, or a weekend hang, the following activities will keep them entertained and away from the dreaded "Boy Boredom Zone". 

Activities for a Successful Sleep Over

Feed The Hungry Hoards.

One of the best ways to get the boys having fun and interacting with each other is to have them concoct their own feast. Get them making their own pizza, create to-die-for hotdogs, or challenge them to a  competition to see who makes the best burger. Simply provide all the ingredients and let them unleash their culinary creativity. Things may get a little messy, but that's all part of the fun. It's also a great way to make sure they eat!  

Release Their Inner Ninja Warrior.

One of the cool things a Mom recently did at a birthday party that we loved was creating a Ninja Warrior course in her house. Don't worry, it wasn't overly complex but it kept the kids entertained. Using a hallway, string across some streamers in a criss-cross "laser" pattern from one wall to the other. The boys then have to twist, turn, hop and crawl to get from one end of the hall to the other in the quickest amount of time without hitting the "lasers." 

Another idea is to create an obstacle course with balloons creating the track. The boys then have to dart through the course hitting every balloon in the quickest amount of time.

Ready. Aim. Fun.

Give the boys a bit of target practice by setting up paper plate and paper cup targets (each with their own score) at one end of a long table. Using either Rubberbands or Nerf Guns each boy tries to  rack up the highest score. 

Flashlight Treasure Hunt.

Before the boys arrive hide some candy or small prizes (glow in the dark items rock!) around the house or backyard. Then when it gets dark (or turn off the lights) give each boy a flashlight and let the hunt begin. Great indoors or out, this fun "treasure hunt" is a fun way to get them active and focused. Give each child their own paper bag to collect what they find. 

And since they have flashlights, why not set up a game of "Flashlight Tag". It works like this. One child is chosen "It" and is given a flashlight. They count to 100 while everyone hides, and then commences to try and find the other boys. When he finds one, he flashes the light on them. That boy is then "It" and now counts to 50 while the boys try to find new hiding places.  

Bored? Games!

It’s always a great idea to have a few board games on hand to focus their energy (and give you a little reprieve). Everything from quick games like Uno or Jenga to marathon efforts like Monopoly will keep the boys occupied. 

High Score High Fives.

Most boys will gravitate towards playing video games. Don't be afraid to let them spend some time in front of the XBox, Nintendo Switch or PlayStation. Just make sure the games are inclusive and/or team-oriented. Fan faves like Mario Kart, NBA Jam, or Madden can let the boys play set games and swap in and out with ease. Just be sure to set a time limit on gameplay or it can go on all night.

Let's Take This Outside.

The boys might want to get outside for some fun, whether it's shooting hoops in a game of HORSE or throwing a ball around. Another fun activity is a twist on 'Capture the Flag' with a bit of Silly String Wars. All you need are some cardboard boxes, duct tape and some silly string. Divide the boys into two teams, give them the boxes and tape and half an hour to build their own fort. Then give the boys each a can of silly string, sound the trumpets and let the battle begin. Whichever team captures the flag and makes it back wins.

A Magical Movie Night.

Of course, the classic Sleepover & Movie Combo is always a hit. Have the boys decide on a suitable theme before the big day and select two or three hit movies that fit. On the night, let the boys decide which one to watch.

Add to the fun, with our Outdoor Movie Experience which gives you all the movie fun in your backyard complete with our Popcorn Cart. Add some snacks with our Candy Bar for goodies to munch on during the movie. Don't forget to have an intermission halfway through for toilet breaks or to grab a refill of popcorn.

Remember the key is to find fun, bonding experiences for the boys to do. Stay flexible about what  you'll do and when, and gauge their enthusiasm to extend some activities or move them onto the next and a fun night will be had by all. Oh and be sure to set a "lights out" time.