Our Top 5 Sleepover Experiences.

So it's been 6 months since we launched WonderTent Parties and I wanted to share some of our favourite events that we've helped create for families throughout LA. It's been a fun time for us as we listened to the feedback we've received, made some tweaks to make experiences even better and introduced a range of new themes and continued to spread the wonder.

In the past 6 months we've done countless events and enjoyed bringing a bit of wow to the celebrations. We've done GlampIn Day Parties for 60, SleepOvers for 20, helped brings a sense of wow to Thanksgiving, and made several birthdays extra memorable. Thank you to everyone who has trusted us to make your events truly special and everyone who has supported and followed us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

We look forward to making the next 6 months and beyond even more magical and special. So to celebrate here's a selection of 5 of our favourites that we've created..

A Graduation That Was All Class

Our very first event was a GlampIn Day Party for the end of year graduation for a Pre-School class. We had 12 WonderTents for the kids to play (and nap) in plus the WonderDome was the center of all the action with games held inside. With 20 kids and 40+ parents in attendance we kept them entertained with Karaoke singalongs - songs from Frozen and The Beatles proved very popular - classic games of Musical Chairs, Egg and Spoon Races and a Crafts Station. We also had our popcorn cart on hand as well as ice cream and hot dogs!

SleepOvers Make Every Birthday Special

There's nothing quite like having your first sleepover as part of your birthday. That's what made this one so special. With friends in tow, the girls enjoyed a fun night of games, movies and yummy food. And of course all the magic that comes along with a SleepOver in our WonderTents. The girls loved their personalised overnight packs and their dinner/breakfast trays came in handy at meal times and during the movies. Rumour has it, this will become an annual event. We can't wait.

A Double Dose of Wonder

We loved celebrating this special 10th birthday for two very special kids we nicknamed the "Wonder Twins." With his and her WonderDomes and our Outdoor Movie Experience, the birthday boy and girl enjoyed a magical night with their friends. Not a bad way to bring in being in double digits.

Can You Do A Sleep Over for 20? Yes, Yes We Can.

Our standard SleepOver experience is designed for 5. But of course, we can tailor up or down depending on needs. This was a relief to hear when we were asked to create a Sleep Over for 20 to celebrate the important milestone of a Bar Mitzvah. As we say, if you have the space we can make anything work. And we were happy to know we made this special day extra special.

Sleeping and Dining Under The Stars

We love doing things outside the box, so when we were asked if we could help celebrate a 34th Birthday with double WonderDomes AND our dining experience we jumped at the chance. 10 guests got to enjoy a wonderous night of fun and laughter and we were happy to help make this a birthday not to forget.

That's just the tip of Wonder-berg. We can't wait to spread a little (more) wonder over the coming months and years. If you'd like us to help organise a magical event for your child, your family, or you and your friends, drop us a line or make a booking. We promise a wonderful experience.