Last Minute Christmas Tips


Wow. It's Christmas already? It seems just yesterday it was December 1st, and now we are in the final stretch with Christmas just a few nights away. Which not only dials up the excitement but also dials up the stress; Is your shopping done? Did you remember everyone? Is the food sorted? Do we have enough wrapping paper?

So here to help put a bit more Merry in your Christmas are some of our favorite Christmas Tips.


If, like us, you got your fresh cut tree early it might be in need of some TLC right about now. To be honest, being Australian we don't have a lot of experience with fresh cut trees - ours are usually unboxed rather than cut down - so this year we are learning the hard way about how to extend the life of your tree. Fresh water we covered off, but we didn't think too much about climate. As the nights got cooler we cranked up the heat forgetting that the tree is placed right near a ducted vent. Also, having it near a window that gets a lot of afternoon sun probbly wasn't a smart move either. But since closing the heat vent next to the tree and dropping some aspirin into the water (yes even Christmas Trees can get a Holiday Headache) has seemed to help it stay lush-er for longer. We're hoping it makes it to New Year, but at this stage if it's still holding the ornaments up on Christmas morning we will call it a Christmas Miracle. Oh well, live and learn. Next year we'll be on the top of our game.

Christmas Lists

Christmas Lists aren't just for presents. Anyone who knows me knows I live on lists, so I always like to have a food prep list for Christmas Day. I like to write down how long each dish takes to make, how long it needs to be in the oven, at what time etc. Be as detailed as you can โ€“ write down how long each dish takes to make (including any marinating/refrigerating/baking time) and figure out the order to make your dishes in. Mine looks like a running order with precise times and temperatures from morning through to serving time. It might seem overkill but it helps you feel under control and able to enjoy the down time without worry. It also helps in delegating tasks for the family. 

The Forgetful Present

There's always that dreaded moment when a friend pops over with a lovely gift for you and you haven't got something to give them in return. Sure, you can blame Amazon for the delay but I find having a few generic gifts on hand helps fill the unexpected void. I recommend having a box of chocolates (Sees Candies is a winner), a lovely scented candle, and maybe a fun decoration or snowglobe pre-wrapped and ready on hand. And should you not need them, well then you get to enjoy unwrapping a few extra gifts come Christmas morning. Of course, you can always save them for next year.

The Little Present That Couldn't

The last thing you want is for your kids to unwrap the present they asked Santa for only to discover those three words that strike fear into the heart of every parent... "Batteries Not Included!!!!" So always keep a stash of batteries on hand, espcially AA and D.

Ice Ice Baby

Fill your ice trays. I repeat, Fill Your Ice Trays. Sometimes the little things make the big difference and having ice on hand for drinks will make things run a little smoother and keep everyone in good "cheers." So, go check your ice trays now... I'll wait. Oh and chill your drinks early.

Rock Around The Christmas Tree

A well-crafted, non-stop Christmas Playlist is a must. Thankfully, we've got you covered with our Wonder-ful & Happy Holidays playlist on Spotify. Tune in and turn it up to fill your home with Holiday Hits for the whole family. Perfect for present wrapping, Christmas morning or just playing throughout the day. 

Unwrapping and Unravelling

As perfect as we want the Holidays to be not all things will go to plan. As sure as Santa loves milk and cookies you can be guaranteed something will go wrong. The trick is to plan for it - or rather plan to roll with it. How you deal with the little upsets of the day will go a long way with keeping things festive and cheerful. The most important thing is the people you share the day with, so aim for special and memorable not perfect. 

Set The Table The Night Before

Christmas Day will be hectic enough, especially if you're hosting. So why not set the table the night before when the pressure is off. You'll have ample time to arrange things just so and you won't have a gazillion-and-one other things to do. Trust me, TIME is the gift you give to yourself.

So there you have it.  A few of my favorite Christmas Survival Tips. Hopefully they come in handy to make your Christmas a special and memorable one. And from me and the team at WonderTent Parties we wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.