The 12 Greatest Christmas Movies... ever!

Enjoy the best Christmas movies ever with our Outdoor Movie Experience

Enjoy the best Christmas movies ever with our Outdoor Movie Experience

We’ve got a tradition in our family that every Friday night in December is Christmas Movie Night. We each take a turn picking one of our Christmas faves to watch while sipping on hot chocolate and snacking on Christmas Cookies.

Of course with so many great Christmas movies to choose from how do you settle on just one? Well to make it a little easier, here’s our list of the 12 Greatest Christmas Movies ever… or at least until next Christmas when we are sure to discover a few more faves.

Miracle on 34th Street.jpg

Miracle on 34th Street

An absolute must view, this classic will warm your heart and fill you with Christmas cheer. I recommend the original, but my daughter loves the remake. Either way you can’t lose.


Home Alone

Who would have thought the idea of two bumbling burglars terrorizing a child would be full of Christmas cheer? This laugh out loud (and totally quotable) movie is one of my daughter’s favorites. And for good reason. So grab a slice of pizza or serve yourself a supersized Sundae and laugh til your sides are sore. Kids, big and small, will love it.



For cotton headed ninny muggins everywhere. Elf is such a delightful Christmas movie. We may have been late to the Elf party, only discovering this gem a few years back thanks to my Goddaughter, but since then it’s become a Christmas staple.


How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Whilst the classic cartoon is bound to be shown on TV at least once this holiday season, it’s this live action flick that does it for us. Your heart will grow three sizes too!

Santa Clause.jpg

The Santa Clause

This one crept up on us and has now become one of our must watches. Tim Allen is spot on as the non-believer who has to step into Santa’s shoes and save Christmas. The Santa Clause will make you smile and laugh and remind you that maybe there’s a little Santa in us all. After all if the Santa Suit fits…. wear it (and there’s your excuse for those extra Christmas pounds.)


The Polar Express

This has a soft spot for us because last year we helped Ella enjoy her first ever Slumber Under with a Polar Express themed party. Her reaction was priceless. And its that sense of wonder that this movies is all about. Get lost in the magic of it all and just… believe.

Love Actually.jpg

Love Actually

Ok so this is my pick. And while all story lines may not be totally family friendly, for the teens and adults this one will bring laughs and maybe a tear or two.


The Holiday

Ok, anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a sucker for a soppy rom-com. And in some Christmas spirit and how can you pass up The Holiday? It’s the feel good movie you need in your life. So curl up on the couch, enjoy a Christmas goodie or two, and enjoy.


A Charlie Brown Christmas

Is it really Christmas if you don’t at least catch a fleeting glimpse of A Charlie Brown Christmas? It might feel ubiquitous but it’s a classic for a reason. And hey, Snoopy rocks so yeah… watch it.


The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Christmas film or Halloween film? Either way, this twisted tale from the mind of Tim Burton will appeal to your “too cool for Christmas movies” teens. Before long you’ll all be cheering for Jack Skellington to take over Christmas. While the stop-motion effects might feel a little dated (and that’s still part of the charm) the film’s off-beat nature is a refreshing addition to the Christmas roster, packing charm with just the right amount of creepy to make this a must watch.


Mean Girls

So it may not totally be a Christmas movie, but my daughter won’t pass up a chance to watch Mean Girls, and the Winter Talent Show rendition of Jingle Bell Rock will have you wanting to join in and recreate the routine with the family… or so I have heard.


Christmas Vacation

If you’re in need of some silly humor and holiday fun, this is the movie. And it’s a fun reminder that try as hard as we do, the best Christmas plans will go awry. So go with it. Besides who hasn’t watched this movie and not been inspired to totally Griswold the house with a million blinking lights?