Questions & Answers.

So how does a WonderTent Parties experience work?
All our packages are designed to be hassle free. We arrive at your home, set up, check everything is in order and then leave to let you and your family enjoy your celebration. The next day we arrive, pack up and go. It's that easy. For more details click here.

If I need additional WonderTents can I book more?
Certainly. For $75 per person we can expand the package to include as many as you need, complete with all the regular bedding and accessories. We've organized SleepOvers for 5 through to 50 people. If you've got the space, we've got you covered. For bookings of 10 or more an additional discount is given. Of course we can cater for less than 5, however the minimum package price still applies.

Speaking of space. How much space do I need?
Each WonderTent requires around 7ft depth and 3ft width, and are 5ft high. We can arrange in various configurations (line-up, semi-circle, aisles) depending on your space. If you're unsure, just ask.

For our GlampOut and GlampIn arrangement we require 22-24ft area for staking and set up of the WonderDome.

What's the standard hire period?
Standard hire is usually overnight. If you wish to hire for more than one night just make a note in your booking and we can arrange it (additional night rate applies).

Is it just for kids?
The SlumberUnder and SleepOver are designed with kids in mind, but we have had parents and kids do a "Family Camp at Home" set up and it worked great. For teens and older we recommend our GlampOut (outdoor) package which is under our big WonderDome tent to provide more room.

How are the WonderTents cleaned?
After each event all bedding is laundered. Mattresses, tent covers, decorative pillows and styling items are disinfected and spot cleaned.

How do I book?
Simply fill out our online booking form or call us. We will confirm your booking via email. We recommend booking at least 4 weeks in advance to ensure availability.

Are WonderTent Parties available across the USA?
We are currently servicing the Greater Los Angeles area with planned expansion across California and the United States.
Stay tuned for more information or contact us at about Franchise opportunities.

What if I have to cancel?
If you need to cancel or change dates you must notify us at least 14 days prior to your event. A change of dates will be based on availability of the preferred date.
No refunds are granted for cancellations within 14 days of your event date.

What happens if the weather turns bad?
We closely monitor the weather in the lead up to your event and will keep you updated if there is anything on the horizon that may impact your event. For the sake of safety of all our guests, GlampOut experiences and out Outdoor Movie and Outdoor Dining experiences will not go ahead in extreme weather conditions (rain/wind). We will do everything we can to accomodate alternative dates or switch to SleepOver arrangements depending on availability. As always we do this in complete consultation with you and with the safety and enjoyment of you, your family, and guests in mind.

Can I use the WonderTents outside?
WonderTents are designed for indoor use but can be used outdoors if prearranged and if the following conditions are met:
* There is an outdoor covered area
* An additional mat is hired to place under the mattresses ($20 per WonderTent)
* There are no sprinklers, hoses, pools near the WonderTents
* There are no pets to make contact with any WonderTents
Of course our WonderDome is the perfect solution for an outdoor experience.

Can I buy a WonderTent?
Yes, WonderTents can be purchased. Please contact us at for details.

I've got a question not listed.
That's fine. Just drop us a line via our contact page and we'll be happy to answer any question you might have.