We're On A Mission of Wonder.

At WonderTent Parties we're on a mission to revolutionize the sleepover and special event experience. It's our goal to provide magical experiences that create memories to last a lifetime. To bring friends and families together and give them an experience that helps them (re)connect and create truly special moments.

WonderTent Parties provides unique, unforgettable experiences that will inspire your imagination to engage in life's celebrations.
From one of our cherished SleepOvers with friends to a birthday or bachelorette party, it's our goal to turn your next event into an experience like no other.

“Because everyone deserves a bit of wonder.”

WonderTent Parties was born out a desire to give my daughter the kind of wonderful, sleepover experiences I had as a child.
But instead of sleeping bags or crash couches, I wanted to give her something truly magical. A memory making experience that would make her day (and night). Something that would help her and her friends connect in a way that didn't involve screens or snaps or grams. And so I created WonderTent Parties.

It's our aim to make every Wondertent Parties event (whether your child's first SleepOver or a night in the WonderDome big tent for you and your friends) a truly magical and unforgettable experience. One that forges connections, lasting memories and brings a sense of magic and wonder back to your life.

My team and I look forward to helping make your next celebration a truly wonder-ful one.


Sharing the Wonder.

Because we believe in sharing the Wonder, a portion of the proceeds from each of our WonderTent Parties is proudly donated to the Kidsave charity through our Good InTent program. We thank you for your support of Wondertent Parties.

Our daughter. our inspiration.

Our daughter. our inspiration.